Rat trap

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A farmer in his barn put a rat trap, the mouse found to tell the hen, hen looked at the mouse and said: "this is what I have to do with me, I am very sympathetic to you," said the hen. The mouse went to the pig, pig light said: "this is about you, you take care of yourself", then slowly walked. Rats and ran to tell large cattle, the expression of the big cattle, said: "you have seen a rat trap can clip a cow? I wish you good luck," said the finish is also proud to go. Later a mousetrap clip to the snake, evening hostess to check the barn was the snake bite and was admitted to the hospital, male master to give the hostess fill the body to kill the hen, hostess discharged after relatives came to visit, male master the pigs slaughtered the guests, for the doctor to the hostess owed a lot of money, no way the host to large cattle sold to the abattoir slaughter the. A person whether in society or in the enterprise or in a team, can hold NIMBY, armchair attitude, to know how to play. Maintain others, maintain the team, is to maintain their own. Achievements, to achieve their own. Help others at the same time to help themselves.

So only cooperation is the most favorite and most appreciated. A lot of people are trying to use a relaxed environment and positive team, with more people to work together, so that in the future for their own business to run a risk of resistance. However, the most successful people who like to cooperate with the following features:

One, not willing to

In twenty-first Century, the biggest crisis is not a sense of crisis, the biggest trap is to meet. People need to learn to use a telescope to see the world, not to see the world with myopia. To think for yourself a retreat in prosperity, adversity to understand his way out of the way.

Two, strong learning ability

Education represents the past, learning to master the future. Know any details, all the people learn and comprehend, and to know how to infer other things from one fact. The main is to learn, in fact, learning and learning two words. Learn once, do one hundred times, to really master. Learn, do, teach is a complete process, only reached the level of education, truly understand. And in more time, learning is an attitude. Only a humble person can really learn something. The sea is the sea, because it is lower than all the rivers.

Three, strong action

Only action will have the result. Action is not the same, the results are not the same. Know not to do, do not know, do not have the results, is not to do. Do not make mistakes, it must be wrong, because no one must not make mistakes. Wrong not tight, must be good at summing up, and then do it, until the right results come out.

Four, to understand the pay

To be good, you must pay for it. The lifetime only square accounts in every detail. Without the spirit of dedication, it is impossible to start a business. To first use action to let others know that you have more than the value of the income, others will open higher prices.

Five, a strong sense of communication

Communication without limits, this is an attitude, not a skill. A good team, of course, have a common vision, not one day. Need to have no time to communicate, from the target to the details, and even to the family, etc., are in the communication of the contents of the column.

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